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Welcome to Water Features of Texas. We are your Water Scape Artist with no boundaries. Where creativity and imagination can come to life. From awe-inspiring natural organic water effects to sleak modern architectural aquatics we cover the full spectrum. It is here that a hybrid of endless design possibilities can exist from vision to reality.



Our roots are strong and deep as they have been cultivated and nurtured over nearly a quarter century since 1999. Branded with award winning creations as one of the premier water feature companies of San Antonio and beyond it is the foundation to ensure the stability for Water Features of Texas. President of the company, Mark Malesky, ensures standard of quality meets and exceeds expectations.

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Alongside award-winning builders, architects, and designers, our companies have designed and built stunning water scapes with lush green landscapes and gardens to enrich the backdrops of homes, businesses, and other spaces throughout the area. We have graced the ambiances of hotels, professional buildings, and other popular commercial sites, garnering numerous awards through the Greater San Antonio Builders Association and Parade of Homes for their impeccable designs. 
There are no limits to your imagination when you work with our company. Let us help begin your journey here.

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