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Introducing…The Natural Pool and Spa
by Pool Lagoons of Texas

The forces of Nature have created the most beautiful landscapes and natural features in the world, indeed the world itself. Now Pool Lagoons of Texas offers you the inherent beauty of these Natural phenomena, custom designed and built for your own home and garden. Born from its award winning sister company Water Features of Texas, L.L.C. you can be assured the tradition of merging structural integrity with awe-inspiring aesthetics are rooted in the creations crafted for your project.

Fountain Designed with Water Pouring Out of Jars

Enduring Works of Art

Ancient knowledge has revealed itself again thru new technologies and construction techniques to make these creations affordable, efficient and able to withstand for thousands of years! WPE of Germany - Diamond Etherium, the world first Ultra High Performance Concrete to be used for Swimming Pools, Spas and Water Features, is a “Nano Cement”. This ceramic cement, in which micro silica cement particles bond together at a sub-molecular level, was used in The Pantheon building in Rome. It was perhaps the first Ultra High Performance Concrete and its 145’ diameter dome of unreinforced concrete, has been in continuous use every day, for over 2,000 years! WPE - Wear Protection Engineering’s UHPC cement formulas have proven themselves in continuous use in our generation for 40 years in the most hostile marine, industrial and commercial environments.

Natural Beauty

Each creation utilizes the natural geometry of your site, cultural aspects indigenous to your geographic location and is formed to exact proportions to produce a truly timeless masterpiece.


Craftsmanship is surpassed by a true “Labor of Love” in which the artisans are deeply moved, as if guided by unseen forces to participate in the formation of each piece.

The Details are in the Design

As the final details are carefully attended to on each project, it is in the original design that each aspect is carefully and thoroughly formed. Each project is given full attention from beginning to end and the expertise, talent and perseverance ensure not only success, but the happiness that comes from doing what we love and being good at it!

Partnerships and Guarantees

Pool Lagoons of Texas has a Strategic Partnership with Superior Gunitej of Los Angeles California, the largest Shotcrete Company in the U.S. serving Texas as well as all 50 States, and WPE of Rheinberg, Germany to offer you Exclusive Protection. Your Natural Pool and Spa are guaranteed to provide you and your family years of worry free ownership at no extra cost.
With an unprecedented striving for quality, dedication, we have made your satisfaction our highest priority. Please ask for further details about your projects warranty, components, materials and design details. 

Superior Gunite

Board Member of the:
ACI - American Institute
Member of the American Shotcrete Instite
Association of Pool and Spa Professionals

WPE - Wear Protection Industries
ISO 9001:2000 Regisitered

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Each of these photos, are of projects that we created for specific clients, relative to their own, personal needs and site conditions. They are examples of how we have worked together with the Nature of the Site and The Nature of the Client to provide a unique and indigenous art form.
Contact us today for an opportunity to work with you in the creation of your own…Natural Pool and Spa.  

John M. Lamos, V.P. / Senior Designer

Douglas M. Miller, Senior Designer

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